2014 Market Update and New Years Resolutions

In one of my college classes I remember the professor talking about a study
that was done of people who had achieved great things or overcome great
odds to find out what characteristics they had in common. He passed out a
sheet with the findings titled '10 Characteristics of Peak Performers.' I
remember the professor saying if we were going to remember anything from
this class this was it. I've had it on my wall ever since. I think this
study was done by Charles Garfield but I'm not sure.

Here they are just in case they can be helpful to anyone with their New
Years resolutions!

*Ten Characteristics of Peak Performers*

1. They are committed to a mission.
2. They use mental rehearsal and pre-live their goals.
3. They compete against themselves.
4. They handle failure as a stepping stone.
5. They go with their gut feelings and trust their own intuition.
6. They use on-going self evaluation.
7. They draw out the best of the people they work with.
8. They expect and hope for the best.
9. They deal with, adjust to, and anticipate change.
10. They go through continuous learning and enjoy the journey.

Here's a recap of last years real estate market in Utah County. These stats
are for all homes (single family, condo, townhome, etc.) sold though
Realtor's in 2014.

   - 7144 homes sold in 2014. A 6.6% increase from 2013.

   - Median home price was 221,127. A 5.3% increase from 2013.
   - 8.2% more listings came on the market in 2014 compared to 2013.
   - It took an average of 43 days to sell a home in 2014, a 48% increase
   from 2013.

The outlook for our real estate market in 2015 is very bright for us here
in Utah. We have strong job growth and our population is increasing. It's
predicted that interest rates are likely to go up this year but will still
be at historically low levels.

As a side note the annual mortgage insurance premium for FHA loans has just
been reduced! This makes these loans more affordable and more comparable to

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